Oak Ridge
Serving the Children of the World

Overview - The Kiwanis Club of Oak Ridge TN (KCOR) was chartered on March 4, 1946. Club members include women and men who work to help improve the community by physical and/or financial support of children and youth activities and of related community agencies and projects. You are invited to consider Oak Ridge Kiwanis Membership and Community Service by contacting President Terry Peek at her Res Phone 865-483-5571 or Secretary Harold Hartman at E-mail: hhn  012 @ msn. com [No spaces] or Res Phone 865-560-3041 or at Kiwanis Club of Oak Ridge, PO Box 7000, Oak Ridge TN 37831. Officers for Oct 1, 2017 to Sep 30, 2018 include President Terry Peek, Secretary-Treasurer Harold Hartman, Club Director and Membership Chair Terrell Horne [Res Phone 865-482-5651] - a former KY-TN Kiwanis Governor, and Club Director and Past President Margaret Goodman [Res Phone 865-483-5471].

Areas - Service Projects can be conducted in five areas: Youth Services; Young Children-Priority One; Human & Spiritual Values; Community Services; and Special Leadership Programs. Members select areas of interest. Kiwanis membership helps us experience community leadership and service.

Service Projects - Projects can include physical and/or financial support to agencies and groups such as:
• ORHS Graduation Celebration
• Holiday Bureau Toys Movement
• Emory Valley Center 
• ADFAC / CASA / Oak Ridge Fire Dept
• Boy Scout Troop 129 / Venture Crew 1
• Key Club at Oak Ridge High School
• KY-TN District Kiwanis Foundation
• Kiwanis Children's Fund
• Kiwanis World Service Project/ Eliminate MNT

Future Meetings - The Kiwanis Club of Oak Ridge is meeting at noon on the 2nd Tuesday {often for lunch, a program, and fellowship} and for projects and other meetings as scheduled and announced by Club Leaders. Tuesday luncheon meetings are usually held at the Golden Oak Buffet (GO) on 401 South Tulane Ave in Oak Ridge TN near the AMSE Museum, Walmart, and Main Street Shopping Center.

The Tuesday noon July 10, 2018 Kiwanis meeting will be at Golden Oak. A Tennessee Promise Mentor Program will be presented by Ben Sterling. 

Past Meettings - A Wed noon Sept 28, 2016 Kiwanis Meeting was held at GO and featured Lt Governor Dr Mercedes Payne who installed 2016-17 Oak Ridge Kiwanis Officers and Directors. A November 8, 2016 meeting with a Habitat for Humanity Program by Executive Director Charlotte Bowers occured at the Habitat office on 111 Randolph Road in Oak Ridge. A Tues noon Jan 24, 2017 Kiwanis Meeting at GO featured a presention about the 'Early Learning Center for Children at EVC' by Center Director Terry Peek. The Feb 28 Program at GO was about 'Contact Careline Activities' by Bruce Marshall. The March 28 Program was by Oak Ridge Fire Department (ORFD) Chief Darryl Kerley about 'Mutual Aid to Sevier County and ORFD Response to Nov 2016 Wildfires'. An April 25 Program at GO was presented by Matt Reedy about 'Oak Ridge Recreation Support to Graduation Celebration, Youth Advisory Board, and Rails to Trails'. A Tuesday noon May 9 meeting was held at Ridgeview Behavioral Health Services with Michael Yates who discussed Ridgeview Community Services. The Tuesday noon June 13 meeting at Golden Oak featured Executive Director Marc DeRose talking about "Explore Oak Ridge", their events recruitment, and activities that are present in the City. The Tuesday noon July 11 meeting at Golden Oak featured Executive Director Beth Shea talking about the "Children's Museum of Oak Ridge" which has exhibits that appeal to children and families.A Tuesday noon Sept 12, 2017 Tour of the Emory Valley Center's (EVC) New Caldwell-Thompson Building for 'Maximizing Human Abilities' at 723 Emory Valley Rd in Oak Ridge was led by Janet Wood, the EVC Vice President of Community Engagement, who provided additional information about EVC after the tour. The Tues noon October 10 Kiwanis meeting at Golden Oak featured a program by Oak Ridge Fire Marshal Travis Solomon and Club Officer recognition by Kiwanis Lt Gov Stan Harrison. The Tues noon November 14 meeting at Golden Oak featured Dr. Ron Dobosy talking about "The Climate". He suggested answers to questions that are often asked by providing results from measurements and models that use scientific methods. The Tues noon January 9, 2018 Kiwanis meeting at Golden Oak featured Kim Shallahamer and Ginger Tucker of The Lantern at Morning Pointe of Clinton talking about "Alzheimer's Patient Care Services". The Tuesday noon February 13, 2018 meeting at Golden Oak  included a program about "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies - A Review"The Tuesday noon March 13 meeting at Golden Oak included a program about the Oak Ridge “Blossom Center for Childhood Excellence” by Executive Director Creed Mushimbo. The Tuesday noon April 10 meeting at Golden Oak included a program about Oak Ridge Graduation Celebration and City Recreation related activities by Matt Reedy with Centennial Golf Course status comments by Michael Callender. The Tuesday noon May 8 meeting at Golden Oak included a Program about Oak Ridge City Needs identified for Planning presented by Wayne Blasius - Director of the City Community Development Department.The Tuesday noon June 12 Kiwanis meeting was held at The Lantern at Morning Point of Clinton, a Corporate Member of the Kiwanis Club of Oak Ridge..Community Relations Director Ginger Tucker described the Facility and conducted a tour.

Events - Oak Ridge Community and Agency leaders were visited in September 2014 to learn about needed and possible service projects. Kiwanis Members were at a KY-TN Division 4 Celebration of 100 years of Kiwanis International on Jan 15, 2015 in Tellico Village. The Club continued to support Scouting Leader re-registration Fees for past years and in 2018. A Chartered Boy Scout Troop 129 Meets on Monday evenings at the Oak Ridge First Baptist Church. A Key Club - Kiwanis Toy Moving Project was held Tuesday 6 PM Dec 5, 2017 at the Holiday Bureau on 728-B Emory Valley Rd in Oak Ridge TN when toys were moved to areas where they would be selected on subsequent days by family members. Similar Toy Moving Projects occurred at the Holiday Bureau in previous years.    

Displays - A Thursday 4:30 PM October 22, 2015 Kiwanis Display was provided for an Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce (ORCC) Networking Event. A Kiwanis Display was prepared for a Tuesday 8 AM April 5, 2016 and April 4, 2017 ORCC events for Non-Profit Members at the ORAU Pollard Technology Center. Non-Profit Groups had displays where interested persons could learn about service needs. 

ORFD CodeRED - A Thursday PM Oct 16, 2014 Kiwanis Meeting was held with Oak Ridge Fire Department (ORFD) Chief Darryl Kerley as the speaker at the Central Fire Station on 333 Tuskegee Drive [beyond K-Mart] with a 5:30 PM informal tour, 6 PM dinner items and a 6:30 PM talk. KY-TN Division 4 Kiwanis Then Lt Gov Al Porell attended and recognized Oak Ridge Kiwanis Club Officers. Follow-up planning meetings at ORFD were held about Kiwanis and Key Club support of an ORFD CodeRED project to register persons to receive notices about emergency conditions that could occur in specific Oak Ridge areas. Kiwanis and Key Club Members supported the ORFD CodeRED emergency alerts registration project held on Saturday March 28, 2015 at two Oak Ridge grocery stores. An ORFD CodeRED registration display was present at the Wed March 30, 2016 Oak Ridge Wellness Fair and was held again on Wed April 5, 2017 at the Civic Center. Additional CodeRED registration support is being considered by the Kiwanis Family.

Membership - Persons are being invited to consider Kiwanis Membership and Community Service in a Continuing Membership Campaign. Membership Information can be obtained by contacting Membership Chair Terrell Horne [Res Phone 865-482-5651] or other Officers and Directors as listed in the Overview Section. A Membership Celebration took place at a May 26, 2015 luncheon meeting at the Golden Oak Buffet during a 12:10 PM program. Additional information was provided by Former Kiwanis Lt Governor Jim Fairweather at Sept 22, 2015 and May 24, 2016 meetings and by then Lt Governor Dr. Mercedes Payne at a September 28, 2016 meeting. Comments by Lt Gov Stan Harrison were made at the Oct 10, 2017 Meeting. 

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